Lineage Bank Sees 249% Increase in Assets in First Year

Contact: Kevin Herrington
Phone: (629) 248-9085


FRANKLIN, TENN. January 5, 2022 – Today, Lineage Bank Chairman and CEO Kevin Herrington announced the significant growth numbers the bank experienced in its first year of operation.

In one year, Lineage Bank grew assets from $27.2 million to over $95 million (249% increase), loans from $9.5 million to over $50 million (426% increase), and deposits from $24.5 million to over $71 million (190% increase).

“Community banks support their local communities. We wanted to make this the top priority of ours at Lineage Bank,” said Herrington. “Opening a community bank with that mission in my hometown has been an incredible experience. We take great pride in supporting the people of Franklin and Atwood, and we are incredibly thankful for the support they have given back to us. These numbers are a true testament to their support.”

Lineage Bank was founded with the acquisition of Citizens Bank & Trust in Atwood, Tennessee, on January 1, 2021. The first priorities were to upgrade the bank’s technology and recruit a team of local bankers that understood the needs of customers and the local market. After assembling the team, the staff quickly achieved their mission of bringing modern technology to local banks by making online and mobile banking available to Citizens Bank & Trust customers.

Less than six months later, the bank was renamed Lineage Bank with the first Lineage Bank branch opened in Franklin, Tennessee.  Additionally, the team opened a mortgage loan production office in Union City, Tennessee.

“Though 2021 was an exciting year for our staff, investors, and customers, we were eager to move into 2022 because of the expansion plans we have,” Herrington added. “We don’t know the exact date quite yet, but we’re happy to announce plans for a second Lineage Bank branch location in Cool Springs. With two branches in Franklin, customers will have increased access to our wonderful staff and innovative banking products.”

More details on the Cool Springs branch location will be released in the coming months.

About Lineage Bank and Lineage Financial Network:

Lineage Bank is a new commercial bank located in Franklin, Tennessee.  The bank’s focus is serving the banking needs of the Williamson County community.  Lineage Bank is part of the Lineage Financial Network, a multi-bank holding company that empowers community banks with the technology and local customer focus to create a unique banking experience for customers.  Lineage Financial Network is where the bank of today unites with the bank of tomorrow.  Lineage Financial Network is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

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