Financial Literacy Month

Every April, the U.S. celebrates National Financial Literacy Month. Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows us to make informed and effective decisions with all our financial resources. This serves as a great reminder for people of all ages to check in on their financial situation and knowledge of their finances.




Jump$tart Coalition starts promoting April as the Financial Literacy for Youth Month, which is eventually changed to Financial Literacy Month.


Congress shows support by requesting the President declare April Financial Literacy for Youth Month.

April 2004

April is officially declared Financial Literacy Month after Senate Resolution 316 is passed.

April 2005

Bill supporting the goals of Financial Literacy Month is passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.


Why We Observe

Without financial education, you cannot obtain financial freedom. Financial Literacy Month allows people to take steps towards getting their finances in check. In addition, it allows us to keep up with the changing financial conditions of the world. With COVID-19 drastically changing the way the world operates, it’s important to be able to adapt to things outside of our control that may impact our finances.

Financial Literacy Month helps citizens become more responsible, especially those of the younger generations. It helps teach important information about money management, saving, and spending. By teaching kids at a young age the importance of financial literacy, we will allow them to make informed financial decisions for years to come.


Lineage Bank’s Involvement

For tips on things like buying a home for the first time, improving your credit score, or online shopping do’s and don’ts, check out our financial tips page! We’re happy to take the pledge of moving financial literacy forward this April by sharing important information on financial literacy. If you’re looking for five things you can do this spring to start your savings journey, check out our recent blog post.

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