Avoiding Email Scams

Many people are often targeted by cybercriminals via emails designed to look like they are from legitimate sources (government agencies, non-profits, etc.). These emails will often ask the recipient to click a button to confirm account information, billing details, or any other personal information. This practice is called ‘email phishing’, and it is commonly used, […]

Avoiding Social Media Scams

Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook to see what old friends are up to or browsing Pinterest for the latest interior design ideas, it’s likely that you spend at least a small amount of time on some form of social media each day. In fact, according to a recent study, upwards of 4.48 billion people currently […]

Avoiding Telephone Scams

Scammers have been using phone calls to steal personal information for many years. However, their tactics are constantly evolving to make them seem more genuine, and COVID-19 has only given them more opportunity to find unsuspecting victims. It’s important to be careful when receiving phone calls from suspicious numbers. Adhering to the following tips will […]

Online Shopping Do’s & Don’ts

The idea of ordering something from the comfort of your home and having it arrive days later is very appealing. Whether it be for the speed or the convenience, Americans are shopping online more than ever before. While the perks of online shopping may sound ideal, buyers should be aware of safe practices while surfing […]

Improving Your Credit Score

Credit reports are used to help determine whether or not a lender decides to offer you a loan and how much you may pay for it. They can also even be used to determine the cost of your insurance and if you can get a new apartment or job. In other words, credit reports and […]

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is something that you will remember forever. Whether it’s a fixer-upper or one you plan on staying in for a while, it’s a beautiful feeling getting to close the door behind you for the first time. However, if you’re not properly prepared going into the process, you can quickly become overwhelmed […]